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Taking sick days when you need them ultimately makes you more productive. There are a few good reasons for missing work that are always acceptable, whether these things happen as you’re walking out the door or are scheduled ahead of time. In this article, we’ll cover which excuses for missing work won’t raise any eyebrows, and which are likely to make a bad impression.

Remote work often comes with a lot of flexibility in where, when, and how you work. And as the person with that level of flexibility, you may find yourself taking care of a sick family member. Emergencies have a funny way of popping up when you https://remotemode.net/blog/10-valid-reasons-to-call-out-of-work/ least expect them! Instead of trying to balance focusing on work with handling a family emergency, call off work and focus on the emergency. Dealing with whatever it is can help you put it to rest and come back fully focused on your job.

Can an employer take away earned vacation time?

For example, if schools are closed due to bad weather and you are the only caregiver to your children, you may be forced to stay home and look after them. Some scenarios, such as your expectant spouse going into labor or an accident/sudden illness involving a close family member, can require you to miss work on short notice to be on their side. It’s also good to note that some employers may require you to present a doctor’s note once you return to work, so you have it ready when you return. For example, if you have a sick child, you may need to take care of them entirely. You may take time off or request your employer to let you work from home as you watch them.

Unfortunately, finding an appointment slot outside your typical 9-5 work hours can often be challenging. Patrick Algrim is a Certified Professional Resume Writer (CPRW), NCDA Certified Career Counselor (CCC), and general career expert. Patrick has completed the NACE Coaching Certification Program (CCP). Apologies that this is last minute, I wanted to get to you as much advance notice as I could. If they follow up with you and ask why you don’t sound stuffy or something along those lines. Then explain what type of illness or bug it was and move on.

Can My Employer Use My PTO Without My Permission?

Taking care of kids (or a spouse or partner) when they’re sick can feel like a full-time job in and of itself. Between heating up soup, checking for fever, and providing soothing back rubs, your day may drift away with not much time for work tasks. If you’re a leader, trusting and supporting your employees is one of the most important things you can do. Access to virtual coaching can provide personalized support to navigate challenges, especially the ones that we don’t anticipate. Severe weather can prevent you from commuting or knock out your internet connection.

How do I ask my boss for a last minute day off?

Put it in writing. Even last-minute time-off requests should be submitted in writing. It helps to have your request in writing so that HR can keep track of your time off, so that your boss can have your responsibilities covered, and so that you have a record of the request in case you need receipts later.

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