How to Buy a Ruby with Pictures

How to buy a ruby

This is a treatment used to stop rubies sticking together during the heating process. The rubies are coated with a layer of flux material which will protect it from sticking. Rubies that exhibit asterism have to be carefully cut to maximize the appearance of the star. Rubies are formed at incredibly high temperatures in the depths of the earth when the mineral corundum is exposed to chromium oxide. This exposure happens deep in the cracks and crevices of large rock formations and mountain ranges.

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Like diamonds, rubies are evaluated using the 4Cs—cut, clarity, carat, and color—plus size and geographic origin. The most important feature of a ruby is its red color, as other hues of this gem species are considered sapphire. Rubies lose value (and classification as a ruby) as they lean toward brown, orange or even pink. While the exact percentage will fluctuate, over 95% or even 97% of all mined material gets treated (most common one being heat-treatment).

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However, check to ensure that any inclusions are not in areas that may compromise the integrity of the stone. The clearer the stone and fewer the inclusions, the more expensive it becomes. We recommend James Allen (read review) because you can take a 360-degree look at any ruby before having it set in a piece of jewelry. Also, the way a stone is cut affects how it reflects light so as to create brilliance and sparkle. First, the cut’s proportions determine how pleasing the stone will look to the eye.

If you have a ruby you would like to sell, you can get started with Worthy right now. An alternative to selling your jewelry near you is to sell your item online. Online options can include eBay, craigslist, and Facebook Marketplace. However, these options also have major drawbacks when it comes to lowball offers, market competition, and security and protection from scams. I’m going to leave you with three lasting tips and reminders to think about when buying rubies online. Rubies are most valued by their color and their color tone, hue, and saturation.

Evaluating a Ruby

Rubies can be transparent and clean looking (with inclusions difficult to find even with magnification), but these are few and far between. Clarity affects the price of rubies based on the type, location, number, and size of the many possible inclusions. Very often there are modifying colors like purplish red, orangish red, etc. Chromium is the element which causes the colorless corundum become red in color. Red intensity of ruby depends on amount of its chromium content. Other shapes may be harder to find and may cost more in large sizes since they are rarer.

How to buy a ruby

It does not bring down the value of the stone but rubies with a report that state that there is no evidence of heat are very rare and therefore very expensive. These inclusions can be anything from small gas bubbles, liquid, or trace amounts of other minerals which appear as cracks or lines through the stone. While chemical treatments do not pose any problems, beware of glass filled rubies.

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Considered ‘King of Precious Gemstones’, gem grade rubies are the most expensive of precious colored gemstones. The clarity of a gemstone refers to how transparent the stone is when the light is reflected through it. Clarities of colored gemstones use the I3, I2, I1, SI2 SI1, VS, VVS, and IF clarity scale. IF diamonds are the most desirable, followed closely by VVS diamonds. However, they are sub-grades under gemstone clarity types I , II, and III.

How to buy a ruby

Thanks to their lighter color, white gold and platinum have more contrast with the rich red color of a ruby. This makes them both good options if you want the color of the ruby to stand out and attract attention. These metals both complement fair or rosy skin tones very nicely.

Properties of Ruby

Natural gemstones like rubies will have some type of inclusions. This means that the stone will display fine lines or spots within itself when held up to the light. A good quality ruby will be clear, and the inclusions, if any, would be minimal, or at least not visible to the naked eye. The presence of inclusions does mean that the stone may crack or chip; they are imperfections in the stone. Hues are secondary colors and rubies are known to have pink, purple or orange hues. Pigeon blood red is the most desirable color in a ruby gemstone.

  • As with other gemstones, a rough ruby cutter’s purpose is to achieve the best color and clarity while minimizing weight loss.
  • Some Ruby is also mined in Greenland, under the receding ice shelves and in Australia, India and Russia.
  • Rubies from Mozambique are fairly new, and gaining a great deal of popularity.
  • When discussing ruby color, it is also necessary to mention that the point between the “pink sapphire” and “ruby” is a heavily contested topic in the gem industry.

Jewelers should disclose this treatment to you in writing on your invoice. A report from an independent laboratory like GIA can confirm that the ruby you are buying is natural and tells you whether there is evidence of treatment. At RockHer, we don’t sell glass-filled rubies because they don’t hold their value. Rubies are commonly heating them to 2000 degrees to improve their clarity and color.

However, if you buy online without meeting with a diamond expert, you’ll have to call to add the ESP after you make your purchase. These are on there to give customers an idea of what a full custom ruby engagement ring might look like. You can use the images to create your own with the company, or take multiple inspiration idea. Red corundum is ruby, but any other color corundum is sapphire.

How to buy a ruby

With Ruby, an intense pure Red found in the finest Burmese Rubies is considered the most valuable in the trade. In the GIA color grading system, this is know as R 6/6 and is described as “Pigeon’s Blood Red”. Some Rubies currently mined in the Mozambique Montepuez district also has this color. Its name is derived from the Latin word for “Red” – “Ruber”.

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